Symptons that can be helped with the teaching of the Alexander Technique:

Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common complaints. Studies have suggested that as many as 70% of people experience regular back pain. This is not only painful whilst it lasts, but it also restricts us in our daily activities such as, walking, traveling, gardening, dancing, performing normal household chores, and even being able to carry on earning our living.

The way that many people use themselves badly over many years means that the spine becomes distorted and under a much greater strain than it can cope with. The result is often a collapsed or "prolapsed" disc which causes extreme pain and associated lack of mobility.

Alexander Technique can not only help with relieving the symptoms of back pain, but possibly even more importantly, prevent it occurring in the first place, even in old age!

Stressed Related Disorders

Head aches, stomach ache, neck/shoulder tension, and back pain are just a few of the symptoms we experience due to the stresses and strains of life today. There is a lot of talk these days being "stressed". What we often mean is that we are under some sort of pressure, perhaps to perform a task, manage our finances, or even just to survive from one day to the next. This will in turn provoke physical tensions within us. With Alexander Technique lessons you can leam to prevent these tensions and therefore function much better. Not surprisingly we often feel powerless to change the way that we operate and it is easy to try to ignore our bodies when we feel under pressure to meet a deadline or just make it to the end of the day. I often tell people that the Alexander Technique can so improve our efficiency and subsequent energy levels that it is possible to not only alleviate the symptoms but to measurably improve the quality of our experiences in all areas of our lives.

Repetitive Strain Conditions

The first warning signs of repetitive strain are often ignored, so absorbed we are in the task in hand, be it working at the computer, practicing a musical instrument, teaching to a class of thirty all day or driving a car. All these activities can be performed badly, using unnecessary effort, but by employing the Alexander Technique we can dramatically improve the way that we function. With our increased awareness it is possible to avoid and even overcome injury.

Vocal Problems

Alexander was an actor himself and suffered from persistent "hoarseness", which naturally interfered with his ability to pursue his chosen profession. It was this that prompted him to search for a solution. Actors, singers, teachers the clergy, in fact anyone who uses their voice regularly can benefit from having lessons.

Client Testimonials for Vocal Problems

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