About Paul Moore LTCL, MSTAT

Paul first heard about the Alexander Technique in the 1970's whilst studying the double bass at Trinty College of Music. Musicians, singers and actors often had lessons in the Alexander technique and teachers were employed by Music Colleges at that time. Subsequent lessons led to a realization of the relevance of the technique in modern living and Paul decided to train to become a teacher in 1990. He completed the 3 year training course at the North London Training School and became a full member of STAT in 1993.

Paul has worked extensively with young musicians, having been employed by the specialist music department at Wells Cathedral School for 5 years and also at the Royal College of Music Junior Department. He has been teaching at the Royal Academy of Music since 1994 where he became Head of the Alexander Technique Department in 1999. He teaches at the Alexander Teacher Training School based in Balderton Street in central London, helping a new generation to pass on the benefits of the technique.

The Society of Teachers of the Alexander TechniquePaul also runs a private practice from home, where he sees students of all ages and with a variety of needs. As well as his success with young people he enjoys helping those who present with difficulties often associated with ageing and job-related conditions.
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Paul is married to cellist also trained in the Alexander Technique and has two children.